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Procedure for joining an agency

You must be an adult over 19 years old. Students, soldiers, public officials, and teachers shall not be registered Foreign registration with a legal residence visa (D8, D9, F2, F4, F5. F6). How to join an agency Registration of visit to agency business center, receipt of fax and email, receipt of homepage Documents required: Application for agency registration, identification card. Contact Point and Contact Phone: 1833-2080 My Office: Subscribe through your real name certificate and submit documents for storage upon request.

How to Purchase and Order Products

If you return a product that has been shipped free of charge, the free benefit will expire and you may be charged for delivery.

Order Online You can log in to My Office through and place an order. Phone order You can take orders by phone. Payment can be made by bank transfer (virtual account) and credit card. Contact center representative number: 1833-2080 Operating hours 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on weekdays (excluding Saturdays, weekends, and holidays) Order Agency Center After visiting the agency center and filling out the order form, it can be purchased and received directly from the site. The business hours and addresses of the agency center are the same as your heart, and you can pay by credit card for the payment.
Business hours: 9:00 a.m. on weekdays6:00 p.m. (Saturday and Weekends, except public holidays)
Address: LSPEOPLE Co., Ltd., 21st floor, East Building, 322, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (Hanshin Intervalley Building, Yeoksam-dong, 24th floor)

Leave the agency

If you want to leave,

You can process withdrawal after confirming your identity by submitting an application for withdrawal or recording the contact center (1833-2080). Upon withdrawal, all qualifications and privileges of the agency will be revoked.


Delivery period
Orders will be processed and delivered only if the deposit is confirmed. The product you ordered will be delivered within 3 working days on average. For your information, delivery date may be delayed depending on the inventory, delivery preparation period, delivery path, and delivery volume of the delivery company. (Delivery may be behind schedule for islands and regions.)
The product will be sent by courier, and please note that delivery may be delayed in the event of force majeure (genius disaster, unknown recipient, etc.).
Confirm delivery
You can only view the delivery information for the product you ordered, and you can check it at the invoice number on the right after selecting My Office "My Order" → "Order Information." You can find various information such as order details, delivery, payment, etc. on the phone as well as the products you purchased at My Office. ※ If you want to check the detailed delivery status, please contact the LSP contact center (1833-2080).
LSP guarantees the displayed ingredients, content, expiration date, usage, capacity, and other quality indications for all products. All agencies must fully educate retail customers on the usage, capacity, storage, handling, and usage precautions of the product, and do their best to ensure that it is fully effective after sale with the correct use. In the event of damage, deterioration, or other defects in the product, the member may return unused items within 7 days from the date of receipt, along with proof of purchase and a prescribed form, and request an exchange. If the company does not refund, it can receive a deduction for the purchase contract issued by the Korea Special Sales Credit Union according to the standard notice for insurance amount contracts in consumer damage insurance, etc. Under Article 55 of the Framework Act on Consumers, consumers who purchased or used LSP products can apply to the Korea Consumer Agency to remedy damages caused by the use of goods, etc. All agencies shall strictly comply with consumer guarantee regulations and notify consumers of the quality assurance regulations at each contract.

Quality control and follow-up management of products

The agency may withdraw this transaction within the specified period below. According to the Act on Door-to-Door Sales, etc., returns are possible within 3 months from the date of receipt of the written contract. If the product is supplied later than the date the contract was issued, the product can be returned within 3 months from the date of delivery. If the LSP's written contract is not issued, if the LSP's address is not specified, the transaction cannot be withdrawn within three months due to the LSP's change of address, the address may be known within three months, or the date of recognition. When a consumer who uses or uses goods, etc. provided by a business operator for consumer life withdraws a contract for purchase of goods, etc., Article 8 of the Act on Door-to-Door Sales, etc. shall apply mutatis mutandis and request the agency to withdraw an order within 14 days from the date of purchase. However, the order can be withdrawn to the LSP only if it is difficult to withdraw an order for a member due to the unknown location of the agency or reasons prescribed by the Presidential Decree. Where the relevant withdrawal is made in writing, a request for withdrawal shall be prepared and submitted. If a member withdraws the subscription, it shall be returned to the LSP in the same condition as when the product was received, and shall comply with the return procedure of the LSP regarding the return of the product. If applicable, members are in the following transactions for can not be withdrawn. Where excessive inventory of goods, etc. is held by falsely reporting on the possession of inventory Where goods, etc. are damaged to the extent that it is difficult to sell again Where a product is lost or damaged due to the reasons attributable to a member Where the value of a member is significantly reduced by partial use or consumption of a product Where the value of a product has significantly decreased to the extent that resale is difficult due to the passage of time Damaged packaging of replicable products In order to revoke the business lsp keontaek to please get in touch. Returns may be limited or impossible because of the reasons attributable to the return requester (normal return receipt, out of contact, unfair demands, deposit period, etc.). The fees below will be deducted and processed according to the elapsed period until the product is returned. Within one month: 0% of the price of goods Within one month to two months: 5% of the price of goods Within two to three months: 7% of the price of goods If a member withdraws the transaction, he/she shall not return the product other than the product he/she purchased, and may return it only after matching the barcode of the product released to him/her. The standard date of return is the date on which goods are returned after consultation with the withdrawal of subscription (completion of payment on deduction costs, delivery costs, and re-approval amount that may occur depending on the return type). If you pay by credit card according to the initial purchase method, the card approval will be canceled, and if you deposit it into a virtual account, the deposit will be processed into the registered bank account. However, if the deduction amount occurs, the amount will be canceled or deposited into the registered bank account after confirming the card payment or virtual account deposit. Detailed return and refund processing and related laws can be found in the Agency Guidebook (Member's Notebook) or My Office 'Notices'.
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