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Activity Related Conditions

  • ACTIVEActivity Conditions(Weeks and Last 3 weeks)
  • Self-purchase + New Direct Recommendation Member + Direct Recommendation Member Purchasing Volume Total of 50BVor more
    Buy through Autoship 40BVor more
  • 40BVBuy More
    Automatic payment and delivery every four weeks
    Pay every Wednesday
    Operating a 12-month discount program
Select Autoship Order through My Office Starting with the specified parking, every 4 weeks for the selected
Automatic payment and automatic delivery
Pay every Wednesday
Gift Payment
  • 5%sale 1rd round
  • 5%sale 2rd round
  • 5%sale 3rd round
  • 5%sale 4rd round
  • 5%sale 8rd round
  • 5%sale 7rd round
  • 5% saleGift
    6rd round
  • 5%sale 5rd round
  • 5%sale 9rd round
  • 5%sale 10rd round
  • 5%sale 11rd round
  • 5% saleGift
    12rd round


Automatic Order & Delivery Program

  • Select an Autoship order
    on the LSP homepage
    My Office.
  • We will automatically pay
    for the selected product
    every 4 weeks and ship it.
  • There will be a 5% sale
    on the price of the product
    in the first to 12th sessions.
  • We will give you a free
    giftfor the 6th and
    12th autoship delivery.
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