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"You can't hold
 anything with your fist."



Agency!Nice to meet you.
I'm Kim Sung Kyu, the representative who will achieve happy dreams with you.
Like this in seconds, everything in order to lead to the environment is changing times ‘creativity’ must be approached with a.
In the meantime, I have practiced Creative Innovation, which abandons stereotypes and creates new things,
under the belief that "you can't hold anything with your fist."

As a result, many using to develop new materials and products and new technologies, can produce.
I would like to continue my new challenge with you at LSPEOPLE in the future.
We are planning to pour all the patented materials we have developed for more than 20 years
and know-how we have gained in this process into LSPEOPLE.

Therefore, I will help create a happy and rich society by sharing hope,
health, and beauty with more people, fulfilling LSPEOPLE's mission of
"people who become light and salt and become plus for their neighbors."

Together, as one! We can do it. We will always be with you through
transparent management and free communication through the transformation of ideas.
Thank you.


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